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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Painting in Truro and P-town

          The other day I finally had a chance to catch up with Provincetown and Vermont artist  Mary Giammarino. I painted with Mary this summer, as I was hoping that some of her super loose style would rub off on me, and it did, at least for a few paintings. We were painting cottages in Truro, from the east side of Route 6. I painted what I thought was a nice one, and it is currently for sale in the October 11th Outer Cape Art auction. I have painted the cottages many times, but not like this. Thank you Mary. Back to the other day, I wanted to do a street scene, but it was overcast, no good shadows. Mary thought that painting the Moors at the end of P-town would be a good alternative. I was fairly happy with my effort. The Moors is a beautiful spot. The following day I also painted with Mary, on the beach in the West End of P-town. Not so good here, it was overcast again, now I have two activities I don't like doing in flat light, skiing and painting.

             This is the birth of my blog, and my first entry. I guess I will start here and work backwards regarding things that are somewhat interesting. About 12 years, a friend took me by Sam Barbers home, in Hyannisport, MA. Sam paints outside by his tower, over looking the Hyannisport Yacht club, a beautiful location. He was painting one of his standard knock-out 30x40's and he made it look easy. I told my friend, I can do that. I could draw, but the last time I had painted with oil, many years ago, the canvas had numbers. So I got all the stuff and tried to paint like Sam Barber. All I can say is that it was a humbling experience, but I did start painting . Sam has been a great inspiration to me and a good friend.