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Monday, June 30, 2014

Brush Off,Cotuit July 12th

3 paintings which will be in the Brush Off July 12th, 2 11x14 and the cat boat is 6x6. Today was the brush off and two of these paintings sold, the middle painting of hyannisport did not. my wet painting also sold in the live auction. i will post that painting next.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

San Miguel 8x10 oil with pallette knife

I painted this scene as part of a class with Noah Mendelson in San Miguel last winter. He is one of the best pallette knife painters I have seen. I did quite a bit of painting in Mexico,and
I put a few of the paintings I did there in a show at the North River Art Society , in Marshfield ,Ma, and they all sold. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bouys 6x6 oil

From a photo, available at Julier Heller Gallery

Old Dyer Leather shop 8x10 Oil

Available at The Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown

Wood End Light 11x14 Oil

This painting is available at The Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, from a photo.

Looking to Provincetown 12x12 Oil

This is in PAAM' S 12x 12 silent auction show, and bidding starts at only 125.00. I think the show goes on untill July 26th. I checked and the painting has 3 bids now, still very reasonable.end July, 26.
july, check if your interested.

The Beach, 6x8 oil

This little painting was sold by the Jullie Heller Gallery over Memorial Day weekend. They told me a gentleman from England took it home, and I thank him.

Mud Head 9x12

Mud Head, done on the beach with a a model. Part of PAAM 100 years. It was a great day for all the artists, and they said it will happen again next year, lets hope so.

Wood Light Provincetown 12X12 Oil

Wood End Light on a beautiful empty beach. From a photo.

Sampsons Island 2 11X14 Oil

This painting was done from a late winter photo.The people on the beach had a dog with them but I didn't put it in the painting. This spot on Main St. in Cotuit is just a beautiful spot, and you can even park there.I like painting this scene and will do one each season.

Beach 16X20 Oil

From a photo,

Sampsons #2 16 x 20 Oil

Sampsons was done pleinair in Cotuit, and I might put this one in the annual Cahoon Brush off next month.

First House 11x14 Oil

Idid this one from a photo, I must admit that this scene gives me a hard time, but I am satisfied with the outcome.

Cat Boat 6x6 Oil

Painting from photo, Hyannis harbor.

The Wharf 11X14 Oil

Painted pleinair in Provincetown, with 50 other artists on the beach,June 6 th, the event was a cellarbration of 100 years of PAAM, and Hawthorne

Time to catch up.

     I have not been posting on my blog now for about a year. I apologize for that and, I will do my best to post new work as I complete them. I have sold quite a few paintings since the last post, and I thank everyone that has purchased one of my paintings. The big news is that I am now represented by The Julie Heller Gallery, in Provincetown, that was important because I was selling my work out of Galadiel's Mirror in Provincetown, and the owner, Bob Klien suddenly passed away in September and the shop closed. I was shocked and saddened by his passing.
            I will show some of the paintings that sold, but I want to focus on what's new.  I also want to thank everyone that has looked at my blog and hope you return many times.