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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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About 6 or 7 years ago I was in The Judith Heller Gallery in P-town,and looking through her very cool gallery on the beach, I came across some paintings I liked very much. The artist was Mary Giammarino. You could tell she spent some time with Lois Griffel, many great artist went through the Cape Cod School of Art.I think a lot of their works look alike. I would have a hard time telling who did a particular painting but not so with Mary. You know her work when you see it. Warm and cool muted colors,great shadows next to blasts of sun light, large masses of colors with little detail. I wanted to learn how to paint something like that, to get looser. I tried to paint like that but, no dice. I knew she did work shops around the outer Cape, but the time never worked out for me to take one.  SOLD.
One late afternoon last summer,after dropping some of my paintings off for The Outer Cape Art Auction, I was leaving P-town when I saw a woman with a ball cap on painting on the side of Route 6. I'd had seen her on her web site so I was pretty sure it was Mary. I stopped my car in the shoulder of Route 6, and walked back towards her, with cars whizzing by, I walked up to her and said,"you must be Mary".I told her I have been trying to catch up to her for quite a while.I talked to her a while and asked if she had any time for some instruction. She responded, how about Sunday in Truro for some loose lessons?
I showed up on Sunday at High Head Rd. and Rt. 6 in Truro. There were 2 other women and me. Mary gave me a putty knife to paint with.If you paint with a putty knife you will be loose.
I have painted that cottage scene many times, many different ways. I liked the putty knife the best. I painted this one from a photo and used a pallet knife.
I got to paint a few more times with Mary , she's a very good teacher,and look forward to painting with her again and taking a work shop or 2 with her.

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